Universal Information ~ A Model of Consistency.

The information contained on this page is universal to all events hosted by Paragon Event Professionals (unless where specified otherwise).  These guidelines may not apply to other races and are only universal with respect to Paragon's family of events. 

All Paragon triathlon and duathlon races require a USAT license, which can be purchased online or during packet pick-up. Annual licenses are $45/adults and $15/youth; one-day licenses are $12 & $10, respectively. Please bring proof of current license (receipt or member card showing dates). For more information, visit USAT. All participants, regardless of membership status, must sign/present a300 pixel standard USAT waiver per event during packet pick-up. You can print the form via this link and bring it with you. Other waivers may be required based on venue requirements.

The morning of each race, packet pick-up is open for two hours closing 30 minutes before the first wave begins. 

Transition is open only to competitors (for adult races); transition opens 2.5 hours prior to the start www.RHYTS.comof the race and closes 15 minutes before the first wave begins. Re-entry is not allowed until the last racer embarks on the run course; equipment numbers must match the race numbers marked on the competitor's body. Non-competitors are not permitted entry under any circumstance (adult races).

For youth races, one parent/guardian may enter with the racer. As with the adults, numbers/equipment must match. When provided in the race packets, accompanying adult must wear matching wristband. 

Unless otherwise stated, youth racers in the Intermediate and Beginner categories may receive assistance removing bikes from and returning them to racks and verbal cues to ensure their safety (secure helmet, tie shoes, etc.). No assistance from staff should provide a participant a competitive advantage.

All equipment/gear must conform to standard USAT rules and failure to comply may result in disqualification or penalization; when applicable, we'll notify participants via race packet inserts and/or e-mail of any supplemental rules applied due to venue requirments, course concerns and other safety factors. Failure to read e-mails/inserts may result in penalties/disqualification.

Rack space is a premium and the direction a bike is placed is a strategic decision. With this in mind, we strongly encourage that you or your child, use the "alternating" method of bike racking. Any bike placed immediately adjacent to another bike, we strongly recommend that you or your child place your/their bike in the opposite direction.

Under no circumstance are you to touch any other participant's equipment. This includes bikes, helmets, towels, water bottles, buckets, milk crates, etc.

We allow and encourage balloon, bright/unique towels and other methods of marking your rack or your bike for ease of identification coming out of the water or returning from the bike course.

75 pixel   All Paragon Tri and Du races (including youth events) are USA Triathlon sanctioned   75 pixel
and run by our USAT-certified race director.   

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Photo by Jim Harris, www.biketourphoto.com